9 important links that made my expat life easier in Denmark


When I was new to Denmark, my first important link to remember was that of Kobenhavns Kommune website and to its Borgerservice

As the days passed by, I realized that as an expat, there are things we don’t know until a local shares it with us or helps us with any issue at hand. I was lucky to learn most if it from my amazing colleagues who always welcomed my queries as a foreigner here.

Now that I have a long list of links that I keep handy for myself, I thought to just compile it and share with you all, my fellow expats. Of course, there can still be things that I am not aware of. Hence if you feel something is missing here and should be a part of this list, please shoot it in comments.

Here it goes:

Doctor: Most important for most of us! While some of the doctors offer an online booking facility for its patients, you may have received such link from your own doctor.

But what I was delighted to know is that I can have access to all my medical history, my laboratory tests and so on using the this link for health related information. For some one like me, who is a borderline hypochondriac, it is important to see on my own if my body vitals are in check, even if the Doctor gives a green light on it.

Pension: It so happened that I had my pension lying with 3 different pension providers due to change of employments and I learnt that I had been paying administrative fee to each of them (per month approx.70-80 DKK) for past 3 years. Ideally I should have transferred my pension in only one account by paying a transfer fee.

Anyway, I learned the hard way that it is important to keep a check on your pension balances. You can access here to see in how many accounts do you hold a pension and their present balances.

You may also access your pension balances for each company on their respective pages but this link is the summary of all your accounts at one place.

Housing: There is a very helpful article on housing by Kobenhavns Kommune here which gives information about companies like FSB, KAB etc.

If you are planning to buy or rent a house or an apartment, the two most important links that I recommend are boligejer.dk and bolighed.dk. These two links combined, give you details like ownership, sale history, current valuation, value development, monthly expenses, health, safety and risk (flooding risk, traffic noise, burglary risk, soil contamination, drinking water hardness, risk of PCBs etc.) 

I believe one would be interested in knowing all this before moving to a new place. All you need to access information here is the address of the property in consideration.

Taxation: Not something we love to look at but definitely one of the most important things we need to keep a tab on. As a new expat, I knew the website skat.dk but what I did not know was that it is advisable to fill your expected income for the year in advance and that they publish the tax statement sometime around in March-April every year showing your tax liability/refund here.

Name Stats:  Well this link may not be as useful as others but it is of the category ‘good to know’. I specifically needed to access this link when we were naming our son and being a foreigner, there are chances that the name proposed by parents may get rejected during registration by authorities here in Denmark. 

However if there is a someone registered here with the same name as you are proposing, the chances are high that your name proposal would be accepted. So to check if there has been a name registration ever in Denmark with a particular name, you need to access here.

You can choose to search with first name and last name or either of them. For registering your newborn’s name, you can visit here.

Vehicle registration: Similar to how you can access details about a property with its address, I was delighted to learn you can also see details about a vehicle using its number plate. How transparent!

I hear there are more than one website to get this information but what I know and use is Nummerplade.net. You can get details like ownership, debt, variant, engine, chassis number, registration date, insurance etc. on this website.

Debt and loans: I believe there might be more than one website to check the ownership and debt related details of property, car etc. but my recommendation for this purpose is tinglysning.dk. Here you can find debt related exclusive details using number plate of the vehicle or property’s address, even without logging in.

Marriage and divorce: Both the things are seemingly easier to do in Denmark than many other countries in the world in my view. If you are planning for any of them, here is the link

Driving license: Since I have only been a resident of Kobenhavns Kommune yet, some of the links that I provide in this article apply exclusively to its residents. However I believe the process should be more or less similar in all the kommunes. You can access needed information here as a resident of Kobenhavns Kommune.

Further I have also shared my experience with it in these articles for theory test and practical test.

Hope you find this article useful and I will be glad to hear your feedback or suggestion about any other topic you feel should be covered in the section ‘ life in Denmark’ on this blog. I plan to share our journey of buying a house in Denmark soon, stay tuned.


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