And this is how a rapist was born


He was born just like any other innocent baby, hungry for love and care of a family.

As he grew up and started to understand his surroundings, he realized how little value women get in this world. For it was a matter of choice for his father to raise hand on his mother to shut her up. He constantly witnessed belittling of women around him.

The rights and choice of his sisters were so limited. Desires were out of question.

He soon joined the hooligans of his area who would stand at the corner of the street, claiming their masculinity. They believed to have the right to eve tease every day. The more lewd their comments were, the more uncomfortable girls would get.

It was all wrong, but felt right to him..

He stopped going to school, started doing petty jobs. Alcohol addiction followed. He wanted to explore the only privilege he got in his life – being born as a male. He became violent with his friends, started raising hand on his sisters, sometimes street dogs had to bear the consequence of his frustration.

He once got annoyed with the constant whimpering of a puppy, who was hungry and lost. He shooed him away, but the noise did not stop. He picked a big stone lying nearby and thrashed puppy’s head with it. There was blood everywhere, the puppy was dead. There were several onlookers.

It was all wrong, but felt right to him..

As everyone was celebrating the arrival of Durga this year, the embodiment of divine feminine power, he joined his gang to visit crowded pandals. They were having fun in touching and groping women amidst the mob.

His luck ran off and his hand was caught by the victim. She did not believe in letting go. With the help of the people nearby, she made sure that he was handed over to a policeman. He was showered with slaps and punches at the police station. Was let go after few hours of beating.

Filled with anguish and frustration, he returned to his home. That evening as he stood at the corner of the street, he made the most lascivious remarks to vent out his anger. He followed a girl, tried to force himself on her at a secluded spot. The girl managed to escape but did not report.

In the world she lived, it would have worked against her ‘character’ to be a victim.

It was all wrong, but felt right to him..

He continued to molest the easy targets. He derived pleasure out of using his manliness to embarrass women.

He always felt that the educated and strong girls think too high of themselves, he will teach them a lesson. All he could do was abuse helpless animals and poor girls.

He started working as a security guard in a residential complex, where he found his next target. A young girl who stayed alone. She came back from work, he followed her. Cutting off the power of her apartment, he thought he would escape. She would never know who he was.

He was caught. He had become a rapist now. He spoilt a new life.

It was all wrong and felt wrong to him too..

But he had no idea how to fix this. Fix all that felt right to him but has been wrong.

According to PETA, ‘acts of cruelty against animals are not mere indicators of minor personality flaw. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans.’

As a society we need to pay attention to these kind of ticking bombs , take action and stop the cycle of abuse.


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