Give your racing soul what it deserves; a break, a hug and lot of love


Exposed to the sufferings of this world, your fragile soul needs to be caressed.

So much you see everyday, so much you hear about. It cries at the agony of others. It is wounded by others, sometimes unintentionally.

So much you blame yourselves, so much you judge yourselves. Go easy on your delicate soul.

So much you try to change yourselves, so much you try to improve and learn everyday. Hold on, take a deep breath and pat yourself for coming this far.

You have hugged many in your life, when did you hug your soul warmly last time? It is bruised every time it is hurt, just like the flesh in you.

You rise up every day to be a better you. Remember to praise your spirit like you praise other things outside. In the noise of life, calm down and listen to your soul.

With the choices you made, it has suffered many times. Heartbreaks, losses, failures and like. It has faced everything with you. Hold your companion tight.

For it deserves your love, warmth and care, just like you do this for others. Your bruised soul inside you needs to be nurtured.

Like the morning dew, like the fragrance of flowers, like the chirping birds, like the bright green grass, like the flowing water. Discover its beauty. It needs the adornment of satisfaction, praise, gratitude and hope.

As you walk every step in your life, you reach closer to your destination. The ultimate place of rest. In the journey however you ignore what is inside you, the fire of desire takes away the peace of your soul. You lay restless, you wander throughout. You forget to cuddle with your mate.

In the worldly pleasures, in the race of reward, trying to reach new heights. Your consort inside you becomes weaker and fragile. When you try to rest on it, it falls into pieces. For it can no more take the burden.

Its efforts never felt enough, the thankfulness kept dimming. It is now withered and frail.

Love your soul, love yourself. It is never too late.




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