‘Rainbow wishes’ from a mother for her daughter



To my cute little angel, my Daughter,

Princess, you are seven months old now. Currently, almost the whole world is under the lockdown phase to curb the spread of Corona virus. The history has not ever evidenced such kind of lockdown in the world. So, in this unusual period, I was just thinking about birthday gift for you, my girl, who itself is a precious gift from God to me, wrapped in pure love, tied with pleasing ribbons and bows of giggles and chuckles and delivered adorably by the fairies clapping along with the dancing moon and stars, with the small feet tiptoeing directly into my soul.

And ta-da, suddenly an idea popped up into my mind for your not so common birthday present- ‘birthday wishes from a mother for her daughter in the form of a letter’. Not a common gift, because you are so teeny-weeny for a letter. However, once you turn into a young beautiful lady, then at that time, unwrapping this gift will pour out my heart to you. Well, let’s get started.

Darling, today I am simply citing your age as months, weeks and days. And I know time will fly so fast as it has fled till now in the past 7 months. Unbelievable!! You have reached seven months milestones successfully and that too like a stroke of a genius.

At the same time, I keep reminding myself that soon you are going to be a bigger, bolder and better cooing, your meaningless babbling and the list is endless. There are certain development milestones in the form of cognitive, physical, social, emotional and communication, which you have achieved in the past seven months. But sweetheart that’s just the beginning and many more to go.

It is said somewhere that “A baby girl always leaves a bit of rainbow and sparkle wherever she goes.” But believe me “You are my Rainbow.” Now you might be wondering why rainbow and that too on my seven months birthday? What is the connection between both? Keep calm, as it’s your seven months birthday. Everything will be clear in the upcoming minutes.

Rainbow signifies seven and seven signifies rainbow. Both go hand in hand. So, here are my seven rainbow wishes conveying my immense love for this enduring bond of mother and daughter-

  1. Number 7- An angel’s number. It denotes active and searching, mystery, intuition, inner strength, wisdom knowledge and spiritual magic. And when all these miraculous ingredients blended together, a delightful and delicate creation of God, i.e. a daughter, is created. All these secret seven ingredients symbolize seven different vibrant colors of rainbow. Colors indicate happiness and joy. A rainbow represents different colors of life. I wish you colorful experiences of life. Also wishing you that these lively colors lead your path of imaginations to new desires and ambitions.
  2. In a rainbow where each color is beautiful and at the same time different from the other and when combined, then only a breathtaking appearance is formed. The various colors are related to one’s life events/phases. It signifies inclusiveness and togetherness and simultaneously demonstrates how beautiful diversity can be.

I wish you “oneness in varieties”, i.e., be comfortable with your flaws, work on your weaknesses, polish your strengths and enhance your stability. Be a better version of yourself. A more inclusive person, a person who challenges her own limits, a person who seeks light through darkness. In short, wishing you all the ability to compose and sum up all the odds and evens within you and outshine as a vivacious personality, my darling.

  1. There is a famous saying of Paulo Coelho that “If you want to see the rainbow, you have to learn to see the rain.” It means that there will be no rainbow without the sun shining in the cloud after the rainstorm. Thus, wishing you the motivation to always keep going and that too by your intuition and emerging like a warrior in the upcoming battle of life. Never ever give up your dreams and desires, whatever may come in the way and whatever the world says. It may take some time but hold on the hope and trust yourself. Always have faith in you and your vision.
  2. Wishing you that you sit on the rainbow, i.e., have an amazing life ahead. During the thick and thins of life, I promise you that troubles will pass as there will always be God’s blessings with you. You will stand out and succeed in every aspect of life with hard work and without getting distracted from your path. And then people will recognize you in the society and remember you through your deeds. There will be a time when my identity will be “your mother”. That will be the most rewarding moment and the best identity ever.
  3. Wishing you the treasures of rainbow and may you get to the end of the rainbow. May all your dreams come true in beautiful and unexpected forms. Always lower your expectations and welcome with open arms the blessings and gifts of the Mother Nature. May you will be bestowed with the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.
  4. May you have fresh beginnings and new prosperity, just like a rainbow bridge or arc. It signifies a sky bridge that connects Earth and Heaven. Wishing you that you always remain newborn at heart so that you may have the courage to take a turn or move from your existing path to another and start over in order to develop and nourish your inner and outer levels.
  5. For you to enjoy and feel the undeniable charm and beauty of the rainbow, you must be fully present in the moment of its appearance with all your heart and soul. Wishing you that may you enjoy and live every single moment to the core, without the fear of the future and regret of the past. As the future has not yet arrived and is unseen, whereas the past has gone and cannot be changed. Further, keeping in mind the current pandemic period where you never know what’s going to happen the next moment, Go, grab and gain every second. Because, what is present with you is precious. Live it your way.

To conclude for a new rise, you will always be my rainbow. On your arrival, you made your way directly to my heart and soul, filling me with energy and life. Becoming your mother is the moment when the battles in life suddenly seemed worth fighting for. Your arrival marked the beginning of all new things- special kind of love, purity of thoughts, endless wonders, flicker of hope that everything is possible, magical blessings and a solid boost of encouragement.

Angel, wishing you successful upcoming years and months with all the good Fortune, blessings, health, wealth and vigor. Live your life to the fullest and celebrate each day.

With lots of love, hugs & kisses,

Mother of ‘my rainbow’

Article contributed by: Bhagyashree



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