‘Post a picture’ challenges – yay or nay?

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

We all have seen our Facebook walls lately being flooded with pictures of ladies clad in saree. And then there were beach pictures, motherhood challenges, picture with dog challenge and so on. It surely became repetitive at one point to see so many similar pictures and our minds started craving for variety on our Facebook feeds.

And as we felt it coming, it soon became a topic of troll on social media, sarcastically praising spirit of Indian women during these times.

Some people have also rudely shared their opinion questioning the mindfulness of these ladies. Is it really a stupid thing to do? Should one feel like a gormless person for participating in these challenges? Is it such a no-no to do at this time?

Let us analyze!

Human beings are known to be social animals. The present scenario is depriving us all of one of our basic needs – human interaction!

Not getting out of our homes, not meeting people we usually hang out with, not going to office where our mind is occupied by an array of tasks everyday, not attending any festivals, gatherings, not even religious congregations.

Amidst all this, what is everyone doing at home?

A lot of us have downloaded online games that are consuming hours everyday. We are reading books, finding ways to exercise at home, trying our hands at new recipes and doing multiple new things everyday to keep ourselves occupied and maintain sanity in this unusual period with no certainty about future.

Let us not forget a lot of us are either laid off or can sense it coming. None of us is completely immune to the economic downturn that is going on at this very moment. Alcohol consumption has hit its record bringing a warning from mental health experts all over the world that lockdown is posing serious threat to mental health at large.

Victims of domestic violence are trapped inside homes with little opportunity to escape or report. Authorities are working worldwide to address issues like this.

All in all, you cannot know precisely what is going on inside the walls of a home and what concerns are surrounding their mindset. At this time, the least we can do as friends is NOT JUDGE each other.

I do not mind seeing pictures of a friend in a beautiful attire, I mind posts on social media doing Hindu-Muslim propaganda even at this time.

I don’t mind someone cherishing their old pictures, I mind people spreading false information without any validation.

I don’t mind someone reminiscing good times to feel positive, I mind posts creating panic and negativity for no reason.

I don’t mind people nominating me ( I always have the choice to not participate!) for any challenge of merely putting up a picture, I mind anyone who is judging these people.

Everyone has different ways of deriving happiness and as long as it is harmless, it should not bother anyone. Let us start the second innings to life post Corona Crisis, with empathy, compassion and kindness towards each other.


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