5 reasons why ‘work from home’ is more challenging for wives than husbands at this time

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The world is on a lockdown due to COVID-19. A large number of people across the world are working from home. A lot of us are missing to be in office. Not just because it is nice to get dressed everyday and meet your colleagues, also because working from home gets boring beyond a point.

Even those who had the luxury of a house help are now surviving on their own, at the same time fulfilling requirements at office. It is an unprecedented state of daily life, probably none of us had ever imagined of. While we all are reaping benefits of being at home, spending time with family, taking a break from an otherwise busy life and finding time for ourselves, we also have our own set of challenges to deal with.

Working from home is apparently more challenging for women of the house for the reason that expectations are high from them. While we all are juggling between responsibilities at work and home, all this has taken a toll on working women’s life in particular, more than men.

Here are the top 5 reasons:

Because his job is more important:

Thanks to the patriarchy rooted deeply in our cultures, a man’s job is always more important than the woman. While exceptions to this fact are growing with the advancement of thoughts and practices, it still unfortunately emerges sub consciously in our behavior in a state like this. His deliveries, meetings and calls take precedence over hers.

Women are the queen of multitasking: 

It is no news to us that women are said to have been gifted with the skill of multitasking much better than men. While there also have been arguments that there is no ‘gift’ here but the ‘need’ that pushes them to tackle more than one chore at a time.

Taking a skype meeting from office, while potatoes are boiling in the kitchen and the kid is being fed is an absolutely normal scenario for any working mother in current times. Men can’t be put in these ‘disastrous’ situations unfortunately.

Men don’t lie in the kitchen: 

While our mothers rejoice when they see their daughters acing in the kitchen, it is not an ideal situation for them when they see their sons doing the same.

Seeing her son in the kitchen while the wife is working on her laptop, is an indigestible scenario for many mother in laws. After all, kitchen belongs to the women and the only relation a men should have with the food is ‘eating it’!

Men’s eyes filter out clutter: 

We can’t blame men for shirking away intentionally from homely responsibilities of cleaning and tidying up. Poor lads aren’t able to figure out half of the time that there lies a clutter or if there is a need to use the vacuum cleaner.

How can we expect this class to clear up the toys lying around the house umpteen times a day when they themselves need a reminder to take a shower! Guess who is to be blamed if one finds a house out of order?

She will ‘manage’: 

Why is there even a need to think about her being able to deliver things at work amidst cooking several times a day, cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, looking after the kids etc. She has been managing since centuries, she will manage now. Women have been used to standing the palpable pressure of several responsibilities at once, it is in their genes.

There is no denial that her management skills are taken for granted at home without assessing the need if she needs a helping hand. And the irony is the same individual’s management skills are sidelined when surrounded by an army of men at work.

Probably not all of them applies to your household. A lot of man have always been sharing equal responsibilities at home and are continuing to do it in bizarre times like this. Sadly the ratio of such men is quite low and definitely needs to take a surge now.


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