Surviving this COVID-19 outbreak with one Ferrero Rocher a day


A trip to our home country was planned for end of March. Tickets were booked, leaves were approved. Though the shopping for family goes on all year round, the last chunk of goodies such as chocolates were also stacked in a shelf, to dump in our suitcases and fly off to India.

And then started a period when the cases of Corona virus started rising in Italy and all over Europe. Amidst all the uncertainty and chaos, my heart started sinking with the thought of not being able to meet my loved ones. I cried that night, tickets were cancelled, we were asked to work from home.

Following religiously the instructions from authorities, we have self isolated ourselves for past 10 days. Haven’t met colleagues, friends, neighbors or anyone. Thanks to the technology, can video call the family back home that I could not meet and have no clarity about when will it even happen in future.

When will we be back to our jobs? Will we even have one at the conclusion of this rampage? Will our family members be all safe, sound and unaffected? Will the economy be able to survive this downturn? Will the world be ever back to normal?

All this is downright depressing and perturbing. I am stealing a Ferrero Rocher everyday from that stack to keep the spirit high. I know this isn’t healthy but they are my sweet escape from melancholy.

There is also a ray of positivism amidst all this. Environment is benefiting. Earth is healing.

While flights are not flying, birds have regained the reign to their aerial kingdom. While water taxis are not operating in Venice, swans and dolphins are rejoicing. While we all take a break, the rare family time has come in abundance. The mischiefs, smiles and laughter that we missed from our kids, are all adding golden moments to our thread of life.

No one knows when the vaccine will come, how long will the quarantine period be and if containment is even an option now. While the pharmaceutical companies are all in a race to develop vaccines, do clinical trials and set the world free from this pandemic, it all looks like a war between human and nature.

It all seems like nature’s way of telling us to take a pause and give a break to the exploitation we have been doing everyday of the nature, for decades and centuries. It is quite possible for humans to regain their lost momentum and be back on track again. But this alarm from nature will remain in our minds and on the pages of history forever.

It saddens me deeply that educated grown ups are still letting their children play in the neighborhood, themselves playing outside, organizing house parties, meeting friends, going out shopping. People are escaping quarantine facilities, blaming government and authorities, not realizing gravity of the situation.

Italy bid adieu to more than 600 people yesterday. Army is carrying coffins. There are stories all over social media about how Italy reached this stage. A lesson for every nation. It is appalling to see people still behaving so carelessly risking whole nation’s safety and stability.

If you are not a nurse, a doctor, a police or any other authority who is working day and night to fight this pandemic, if you are not a soldier protecting your nation in odd conditions all year round, if you are not a patient who is fighting this deadly virus, consider yourself lucky. Do your part of breaking this chain of death and disease. Act wisely, be sage and mindful of consequences of your ignorance.

You will not die because of not meeting that friend for 15 days. But you will be close to death if everyone keeps meeting their friends like you.



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