My childhood as a skinny kid


“Don’t you give her food? She is so thin!

Seems like mommy daddy eat all the food themselves and give nothing to the poor girl..”

Several relatives and family friends of ours would take a dig at my parents on various occasions pointing out my thin framed body. This constant body shaming became so common that every time we were to meet someone after long time, as a kid I would already imagine that these uncle-aunties may anytime bring this topic.

Body shaming children for being thin is not considered a sensitive issue in our country. After all, they are kids! And it is everyone’s fundamental duty to make their parents aware how horribly they are failing in this role!

My parents could not also withstand this constant embarrassment on social events and started blaming me for not eating well and thus making them hear these kind of statements from all these people.

Every time someone would show a ‘fake’ concern on my health, I would get a stern look from my dad, silently saying ‘see, are you happy now?’. And next time, I would refuse to eat something, I was reminded of these incidents.

It is true that I have been a fussy eater through out my childhood but I was definitely ‘healthy’, free of any major diseases and as active as one kid should be. So I can tell you with surety, me and my family never needed this kind of advice.

‘Her legs look like a pair of cigarettes’, these kind of statements shattered my confidence as a kid. I am glad that I could still survive it and achieve what I wanted to, in life.

But on behalf of other kids, who are still in this stage of life and just have a lean body because it is in their heredity or this is how their body is catching up some height or whatever be the reason – “STOP EMBARRASSING THEM FOR HOW THEY LOOK “.

I never fat shamed those aunties who were concerned about my thin body. Because even as a kid, I knew that this is disrespectful. So please let me tell you, it hurts and it is highly harmful to the bright minds who are still in making and learning to stand tall in front of the world.

Do not judge a kid’s health by how they look. Every parent wants best for their children. And even if you have legitimate concerns, find better ways of raising it instead of attacking little kids with your insensitive statements.


  1. Parents should not just let go, if anyone make such comments.✌🏻
    Parents should nurture their kids in such a way that their children learn to face such bullies.


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