Why I keep fast on ‘Karwachauth’


“There is no connection of your husband’s long life to you fasting for him”

“What about long lives of husbands in other countries where no one is fasting for them”

“There is no scientific base for starving yourself whole day”

We hear these kind of statements quite too often about fasting on Karvachauth every year. A fast without water and food kept by wife, that has been known to enhance the longevity of life of the husband.

And then people question your education and seek logic in doing this.

Here is a reply to the ‘why’:

Because it is my way of expressing my love to him. A yearly reminder of how much I want him in my life.

It rejuvenates our relationship every year and gives me happiness to dedicate a day especially to him. The traditions of Karvachauth are a sweet refresh to our marital bond.

The preparation I do for this fast, the adornments and jewelry that I especially wear for this day, the food, festivities and rituals have become a compulsory part of the year for me. It all brings vibrance and joy to our busy lives, where we do not even realize sometimes how month changes from one to another.

Lastly, I keep it with a faith and hope that the universe is listening to my prayers and will reward my sacrifice of food and water on this day with the company of my husband, all life long.


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