When the husband becomes wife, this is how changes life


He was the first one to get up. Had to be!

Freshened up and made tea for everyone, followed by breakfast. While the father in law wanted something without oil and less spices, kids wanted to have fried stuff, also had to take care of mother in law’s special diabetic diet.

Wife called from the bedroom, where is my towel, I am getting late for work. Well, he was getting late too. Thankfully, the maid arrived in time and he instructed her with lunch for the day and to chop the vegetables for evening before she leaves and do the usual stuff. She complained of washing liquid getting over. He asked the wife, I reminded you to bring home while coming back from work. Wife responded, I was late and so tired, didn’t have the energy. What could he say, gave some money to the maid, requesting her to take care of the situation.

He fed breakfast to the kids, helped them in getting ready. Quickly packed everyone’s lunchboxes. Also stuffed his own breakfast somehow in his mouth while the wife was shouting, “I am getting late, if you want me to drop you, come out in 2 minutes”. He stumbled on a toy while trying to catch his wife’s speed and almost saved a fall while trying to wear shoes.

The younger kid complained of boring meal in his lunch box every day while they were in the car. Wife joined in agreement suggesting the husband to be little more innovative in food. He decided in his mind to check out some recipes on internet when he gets a bit of free time.


Reached office, delivered the daily stuff and received 3 calls from home, one from his own mom complaining that he is not taking good care of himself and not calling her enough. Second call was from maid to decide on washing liquid and third from mother in law, asking him to bring her medicines while on the way to home. When it ticked 5 in the clock, he had to leave the office with guilt and hurry as usual amidst watchful eyes. After all, not everyone leaves ‘so early’ like him.

Picked up the needed grocery on the way to home and the medicines for mother in law. The kids were watching TV when he entered. The mother in law remarked, “this is what kids do all day these days, when parents do not have time for them”. He unloaded the stuff in the fridge, made a cup of tea for himself and made some snacks for the kids.

The older kid had forgotten his lunch box in the school and the younger one’s was still lying in his school bag. The older one asked for some help on his school project which he did while also folding laundry that came out after washing. Both the kids needed some money for their projects and picnic. He gave it to them after enquiring about when and what.

Finally, the time to make dinner, the maid had not chopped everything he had asked her to. What can be done now. He hurriedly finished making the dinner and as he got done, got a call from wife saying she will be late and will not eat at home.

“Would have been nicer to know this little earlier”, he said over phone.

“Yeah, will remember next time”, came the reply from the other end.

“But you said this last time too” he was annoyed.

“Stop nagging all the time, I said I will remember. Got to go now.” She hung up the phone.

He spent the next hour serving dinner to everyone as usual and then cleaned the kitchen. Cleared the clutter in the living room, arranged books and toys in the kid’s bedroom and checked with father in law and mother in law if they need something. Finally he decided to retire to bed. Ahh, but before that he needed to check some recipes for lunch box ideas. “Will surprise kids and wife with something delicious tomorrow”, thought in his mind and kept his head on the pillow. Felt so good to finally take some rest.

He slipped into deep sleep within no time and then rang the bell around half past ten, it was his wife. It took him a moment to come out of his sleep, rush to the door and open it. Before him, the mother in law reached and opened the door for her daughter. Turned to him and said – “She is so tired after such a long day, shouldn’t you be waiting for her to arrive instead of sleeping already. Poor her, works so hard for all of us. Do you need anything my dear daughter?”

If I replace ‘he’ with ‘she’ in this article, everything would look absolutely normal. Nothing more to say, nothing more to write.



  1. Great stuff.. Really appreciated, agree totally but life is such and generation is changing as well.
    All the things take time , Th e Time is the main factor which people don’t have today coz of running behind money success name to get valued and live life to the fullest and complete everyone’s needs…

    Hats off… to the article and the value of he and she…
    Overly having Patients is the key to success and everything…


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