Why no trip can replace a trip with your girlies


There are more and more girls going for trips with their besties. While each trip is a box of memories for its own reasons, there are things in an ‘all girls’ trip, no other trip can beat.

To those who have been on it, here is an array of relatable thoughts and to those who have not been, make sure you do it soon. Another tip: earlier you do it in your life, the better, since higher madness quotient means more fun.

1.Dressing up together

Imagine waking up with your girlies, planning your day, sharing make up, accessories and tips, helping each other out, coordinating your dresses and walking out in style together. The fun of dressing up during a holiday with your girlies is simply unbeatable.

A trip with your bae or family may be special for it’s own reasons but none of them can give you the company at this level where you all basically share the same level of excitement and urge to look your best.

2. Those selfies and group photos

Yes. We girls like to take pictures. A lot of them. And when we travel together we have the best of ideas whether it’s a candid capture or a well posed click.

Your girl companions always have the energy to click more and more pictures. These kind of trips fill your phones with selfies, solo pics, group photos, videos and what not, showering you up with so much social media content and profile pictures for months to come.

3. The emotional drama

Girls and emotions have a deep connection. And when they gather spending their evenings and nights talking about life, they all have their emotional baggages that they open one by one.

Closer the bond with the girls you travel, more the emotions flowing out in night long discussions or extended lunches or canal tours or walking streets or whenever any of them feels like bursting out and having a mental break down. The support, sympathy and attention you get in this kind of group cannot just happen with anyone else.

4. The shopping saga

Shopping while traveling sounds so much fun but not every traveler with you will be so excited as you are, unless it’s an all girls trip. When you are shopping with your girls, you knows it’s not just you who needs more time to try dresses, look in different sections of a store, check out different brands and hunt for hours.

Girls are known to have the energy to ‘shop till they drop’ and isn’t it the best company to have for shopping on a trip. To add cherry on top, who would mind having a trial room partner who would make sure you spend money on the right thing and also give you a style tip or two.

5. Gossip that goes on

Gossip is the best dessert. All the people you have in common and their funny stories pop up every now and then during these kind of trips.

If you are staying far away from your girls, this is one of the best ways to catch up on all the gossip you have missed from their end all this while. The cheers, the laughters and all the internal jokes on these trips keep you connected for years to come.

Hope you have got enough reasons to ping your girls, start a discussion on destination and dates, make your bookings, pack your bags and fly away from your usual world to the fairy tale days filled with madness and fun. Every penny you spend on this trip is going to be totally worth it!


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