A strong woman is not every man’s cup of tea


Every man wants his daughter to be a strong woman but only few can stand them as their wives. Bitter but true.

A man needs security, self assurance and respect for womanhood to be with a woman who stands for herself. Most importantly he must have been raised in an environment where women are treated with equality.

What happens when she shows her real traits and where do the problems begin?

1. When she starts to be independent, financially

Two sources of income sound like a better choice over single source, but not always. While the world is moving towards equal opportunities for women, there are still men who cannot easily digest the financial independence of their partners.

Or if you change the situation slightly, their female partner earning more than themselves is even worse for them. While it varies from country to country, family to family and individual to individual, the fact remains that a financially independent and strong woman is looked upon as threat to masculinity by some men.


2. When she demands her share in decision making

While it may sound obvious for many open minded and sane people to involve their female partners in decision making, there are also cases where a woman needs to fight to her share in the decision making.

A strong woman would always want to be heard and considered for a decision that impacts her life in any way. While there have been an era when things have been forced on women, sadly for some men that era is over.

3. When she expresses opinion on things she wouldn’t support

A strong woman carries the guts to voice out when she doesn’t agree or find something against her principles. She has opinion on things and she expresses it.

It is not something to be surprised about, after all women are also human beings with a mind that analyses things around it but sadly not all men like women who points out disagreements.

4. When she refuses to be suppressed

Decisions can’t be forced on a strong woman as easily now as one could do it probably hundreds of years ago. She knows her rights and also knows how to use them if need arises. She can’t be made to do things against her wish and will and not many men can digest a refusal from women easily.

5. When she shows her courage to walk away

She doesn’t need a shelter that doesn’t do justice to her inner self. She has the courage to move on in life instead of suffocating herself around those who do not respect her existence. She has the valour to handle practicals things as well as her emotional self when it comes to situations like this.

Strong women do cry but have the strength to lift themselves up again. They carry their heart on their sleeve but also can keep a sea of emotions inside. They may have a soft heart but their confidence is hard to break. Their heels may or may not be high, but their standards always are. They can smile and die in pain at the same time. They fix each other’s crown and act as each other’s warrior in the time of need. Their mind may be entangled in a web of thoughts but they have a clarity on what they will never support. They are not always intending to rule but can never be repressed either. They have a simple rule – ‘live and let live’ and are still complicated to understand for many. 



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