What kind of social media user are you?


Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Even the introverts have one or more social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. While some have been able to find their life partners on various social networking sites, some have ended their relationships with friends or partners due to the same platform.

It is amazing to see social media making such a deep impact on our lives given the fact that it did not even exist few years back and still the world survived! On a lighter note, below categories describe some common behavior we see on various social networking sites.

  1. I see you but I don’t see you

This is the most common category of people who want to keep an eye on your daily activities but do not ever react by liking or commenting. However they still want to be connected with you in order to not miss a single update that comes from you. These people appear dormant on social media however are far more active on the background than they appear to be. After all, sneak peek is fun.

2. I have high standards

These are the ones who are choosy about reacting on posts on social media and refrain from liking everything they see. They have some standards in their minds for example: I don’t react on a check in without a picture, if you are eating out, going for a movie or flying somewhere. It needs something more to impress them or get their reaction.

3. I am here to share

You may have some people in your friend list or your social media connections who are super active in sharing almost everything they see. They are the ones spreading memes, news, videos etc. and keeping the wheel moving on your homepage. They believe in sharing and caring strongly and do not shy away from crowding their home page with posts on a daily basis.

4. See you next year

Some few people we know make an account just to be ‘there’. However they do not use it actively and come online once in a blue moon to update themselves with what’s happening on the platform. This category is sometimes disguised as category number 1 in this list out of misconceptions about a person.

5. Did you say courtesy?

This is a category where some of the non courteous people belong. They love to have their posts supported by all their friends in form of reactions but it comes to giving back, they don’t exist. Yes, this category of users doesn’t feel bad in being selfish and self obsessed as their life as well as use of social media is all about themselves.

Hope you can relate to one or more categories stated above in your community of social media users. Though all this has become an intrinsic part of our lives, let’s not lose the fun of meet ups in person and chatting on lunches and dinners. For the fact is, relations on social media can never replace the real people in our lives and the connection we have with them.

Have another category of social media users in mind? Please share it in comments and let us know.


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