My 5 best friends in pregnancy


You need some more friends in pregnancy than the ones you meet, chat and talk with over the phone. Just like any other friend you have, these are going to make your journey easier and smooth. Well, I’m not talking about the ones who are foes masked as friends, it is about the real ones:)

So here we go to this list:

1. Coconut oil

The duration of my pregnancy was majorly during winter and that adds to the reason why my skin needed moisture apart from the obvious stretching due to increase in body size. Your body is expanding from almost everywhere throughout pregnancy and while any kind of moisturiser or lotion will give you relief from itching, I preferred to stick to natural things and also something that I chose based on recommendations. 

The best time to moisturise your skin is right after a shower since it is in the best state to absorb it. Additionally, I used to apply it generously on my belly and wherever my skin felt dry before going to bed at night. Being a natural product, you can use it more than twice also and if you need some reassurance, it worked in saving my skin from stretch marks at the same time avoiding itching during pregnancy.

2. Compression socks

I cannot recommend compression socks enough to all my pregnant buddies. Compression socks are usually worn by athletes to keep up their blood circulation while it is also used in long travels for the same reason. 

You definitely need to take care of your legs in order to carry the increasing body weight. For instance, my weight increased by 40% by the end of pregnancy from 50 to whopping 70 kgs. Given my heredity, I was afraid of developing varicose veins that are caused by blood travelling in the wrong direction.

The compression socks or stockings are a great help in ensuring good blood circulation, preventing swelling of legs, keeping away varicose veins and easing leg pain during pregnancy. Again, since I had a winter pregnancy, I used to wear compression socks everyday for minimum 3-4 hours after coming back from work until hitting the bed at night.

3. Coconut water

We all have heard of morning sickness that follows the pregnancy. While the sickness can extend throughout the day, it is still the mornings that are most challenging for many since after a long ‘fast’ during the night, pregnant body needs little extra sometimes to cope up with it.

Coconut water prevents dehydration and lowers the acidity level of the body. This helps fight heart burn which is quite common during pregnancy. It also helps in keeping your body away from infections like UTI and improves digestion.

It has been helpful in keeping away nausea for me and making me feel fresh despite the tiredness that is inevitable during this period.

4. Mouth freshener

While mouth fresheners are one of the ordinary things we use in daily life, it has been a life saver for me while out of my home during pregnancy. Imagine feeling nauseous in public places, would you not want a saviour in your hand bag to help you in this uneasy situation.

This is my recommendation to every pregnant lady to stock some mouth freshener in her bag before stepping out. While it can be anything of your choice, I went with some fennel seeds mixed with sugar cubes for some extra energy.

5. Healthy snacks

There is another thing you need to add to your bag in pregnancy and that is some healthy snacks. I found nuts quite handy and suiting my taste during pregnancy (you never know what your taste buds force you to eat at that time!). It is extremely important to keep something to eat and a water bottle at the time with you when out of your home during pregnancy.

You never know when you fall in an unforeseen situation like traffic jam, break down of public transport or any other reason that keeps you longer from reaching home and keeping yourself hungry or thirsty during pregnancy is a sure invitation to sickness.

Hope above tips help you prepare better for the beautiful journey you will embark on. While your body is in the process of creating the most adorable gift for you, support it well by taking care of it and prioritising its needs above all.

While we all would love to get back the pre-pregnancy body after delivering the baby, it is wiser to be proactive and take precautions well in time. You may like to read ‘5 things you want to do at the soonest after your pregnancy’.


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