Gentlemen are raised, not born


Ever felt pleased by a man opening the car door for you or letting you go first out of an elevator? Aren’t these traits though small but leave quite an impression about the personality of a man.

Chivalry in a man has been linked to noble families or qualities of knights in medieval period. But in the modern world, it is looked upon as being kind and polite towards women.

How do these qualities flow in a man? And the straight answer could be ‘family’. There is no denial in the fact that one’s family has the biggest impact on his character. You may have heard the quote:

“A man who treats his woman like a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen”

You can higher your son’s chances of being a charmer by inculcating below traits that every woman seeks in his man:

1. Respect

This quality in a man is sure to galvanize any woman. Treating anyone with disrespect or humiliation is one of the biggest spoiler in anyone’s character. A respectful attitude works like a magnet and hence the number one quality a gentleman should possess.

2. Humbleness

Boasting about your success and achievements in a condescending manner will only lead people to avert. On the contrary, humbleness helps to make a lifelong impression and also ensures that one doesn’t fall victim to low self awareness.

3. Generosity

Who wouldn’t like a man who is kind to the need of others. Generosity is a reflection of princeliness in a man and is thus one of the important qualities in this list.

4. Good manners

A gentleman knows how to conduct himself in the right way and remembers at least the basic etiquettes. An impeccable dressing or a posh car are completely helpless in raising one’s image if he lacks this quality.

5. Grooming

Looks can be deceptive, but not always. In fact, combined with a good character, a well groomed personality increases the chances of success and being well liked, exponentially.

Being a gentleman is a choice clubbed with the advantage of having ladies on your side but it is not just about being nice and respectful to women. Instead, it encompasses the care, compassion, kindness and respect towards one and all.

Well, it is not just men who need to polish their personality and maintain certain standards, a lady needs it too and that is why this is an upcoming article at Stay tuned.

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