A bitter truth you need to know before moving to world’s happiest country


Denmark. When you hear this country’s name, the first thing that crosses your mind is its title of being world’s happiest country that it earned in recent years. And when you get an opportunity to move here, the excitement is sure to rise. Located in Scandinavia, this tiny country has a great quality of life to offer.

Denmark beats several other countries in the world in terms of wage rate, work life balance, health services, free education coupled with higher tax rates that is the base of this organized nation. However there is one thing you need to know and prepare yourself mentally for, before moving here. And that is the strict immigration laws that are intended to be tightened further by various political parties.

In the recent elections that took place in Denmark, it has been high on agenda of political parties to make promises on securing the country from immigrants in an effort to lure voters. The country that once suffered from shortage of labour has already shut its doors for green card applicants in June 2016.

Though an increased number of organisations are inclining towards English as the corporate language, not being a Danish speaker still turns out to be bottleneck for many in the job hunting process. The attacks on expats with the statements like ‘go back to your country’ have increased in the wake of recent election campaigns that provoked several natives to see immigrants as a threat to their employment and welfare opportunities.

Further, what should be highlighted here is the eligiblity criteria for permanent residency and citizenship that is far stricter and lengthier than its neighbouring countries, Sweden and Germany. All this is bitter to digest but important to know before you plan to move here for good.

There is no denial that most Danes are quite open minded and warm to immigrants but there is a sector that fears loss of opportunities due to immigrants. This is again a fact that Denmark is not the only country to have this wave against immigrants. From time to time, we have heard this kind of statements from the political leaders in the US, the UK and others. But the statements from Danish political leaders do not get as much media attention as these countries on global platform. And this is the reason why very few of those residing outside Denmark know that immigrants do face a pushback here as well.

This is not intended to emanate any negativity about moving to Denmark but just to set the right expectations for someone new to this country. On a brighter side, Denmark has a big bucket of good things to offer like beautiful surroundings, well organized set up for public welfare, and high standards of health, comfort and happiness that still make it an attractive place to move to. You may like to read: How I found my first job in Denmark.


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