5 reasons why Karma is called a bitch and not a dog


Karma though a Sanskrit word, has gained popularity in western world too as a way of controlling our lives and regulating our deeds. It is known to ease the stress of taking revenge for someone being hurtful to you, you can just leave it on Karma. Further, Karma is also known to reward for good deeds. In simple terms, what goes around, comes around.

We all have heard the phrase – Karma is a bitch.

Ever wondered why it is not called a dog rather. Believe it or not, there are some funny but 100% relatable reasons why it is called, what it is called.

1. Karma takes time:

When you hope Karma to hit someone, you may have to wait a bit as it is not known to be instant always but all we know is it will come for sure. So just like any other female, Karma needs time to get ready too.

2. Karma never forgets

Yes, when you leave it on Karma, you can sit back and relax for it can be late but it will not forget to do its job. And we all know the positive correlation between femininity and reliability.

3. Karma is a good slapper

Karma is known to slap hard in the face to those who deserve it. Do you ask what is it’s relation to being a female?

4. Karma follows the mirror of life

Karma follows the reflection of our deeds and thus keeps an eye on how we treat others. While who is known to love mirrors and good in keeping eye?

5. Karma is powerful

Karma can change lives. It is a tool for personal development, a force that encourages us to do good deeds. No one needs an explanation on link between femininity and power.


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