4 immediate steps India should take to save itself from global warming


Climate change is hurting all of us and the soaring temperature and scorching heat wave in various cities of India are only confirming that global warming is hitting us hard.

According to a report shared in Washington post, the numbers of trees per person varies greatly between various countries. While Canada has the highest score with 8,953 trees per person, India is lagging far behind with just 28 trees per person.

It is high time that the government in India takes some serious measures in this direction which should be accompanied by support from all of us.

1. Plant more trees and stop cutting existing ones

Deforestation is a by product of urbanization and we all know several areas in our locality which were full of trees once upon a time and are now covered with construction machinery, tall buildings, commercial or residential areas.

The laws for conservation of forest areas should be made more stringent and the corruption, that is rooted in the authorities that approve the projects for any new construction on these areas, should come to an end.

A local Gurudwara in Bhopal recently distributed 300 plants to the sangat to be planted in their homes and localities with an assurance of visiting for checks to ensure that it is being taken care of.

This is a commendable step by the managing committee of this religious institution and if every social institution takes a small step in this direction, we can hope for a better and greener future for our coming generations.


2. Corporate social responsibility is key

The various corporate giants operating in India should be made more responsible socially with the help of local laws setting up some goals in the direction of greener environment, for they are in a strong position in terms of resources and reach.

Government can also offer some tax rebates to the entities achieving their targets and fine the other ones with increased taxation. At the least, every manufacturing unit should compensate for the emissions environment suffers due to its activities.


3. Cut down CO2 emissions by vehicles

The PUC certificate (Pollution under control) in India is just a name sake formality which only needs a certain amount to be spent by the vehicle owner. We all know that how easy and common it is to have this certificate even for a pollution causing vehicle. The laws around this need to tightened with a serious intent to control the pollution caused by these vehicles which should also include compulsory discarding of old vehicles which cannot keep up to the standards of a green environment.


4. Bringing it high on political agenda

Rising over from the politics based on caste, religion etc. that serve no purpose in the betterment of our lives, we as citizens of India should voice our opinion to bring ‘saving environment’ high on the agendas of political parties. They should know that if they need votes from us, they need to work for saving us from global warming to win our hearts.

The truth is that if trees won’t exist, none of us will.



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