5 most common things Indians carry abroad


The excitement of staying in a foreign country comes with a long list of items to pack before you fly away from your beloved country. The local markets in India are so convenient and cheap with a broad variety to choose from. And who can forget the personal attention and service you get as a customer.

Amidst all the clothes, shoes, creams, lotions, oils, accessories that go in your luggage, sit these items which only a fellow Indian can understand.

1. Pressure Cooker

How much ever dishes you get in a furnished accommodation in a foreign country, you need this friend of yours in the kitchen. Though it is available in foreign countries too, it is still most common item found in Indian luggage.

2. Spices

India has been the kingdom of spices and how can we not carry our specialty with us. We have a dedicated spice for every dish we make and it is definitely our biggest fear to survive on food made only of salt and black pepper.

Given the types and brands of spices available in Indian markets, we make sure to stock our kitchens outside India every time we visit our home country.

3. Medicines

We all know how difficult it is to find various medicines out of India without a prescription which are easily available over the counter in India. To be able to survive general sickness in a foreign country, this is another item NRIs ensure to carry from India.

4. Snacks and savory

For true Indians, life is all about food. If the luggage allowance allows, we do not miss the chance to fill our bags with our favorite snacks and savories that we crave for, away from India. Daily, tons of khakras, fafras and theplas are traveling on flights with Gujaratis. And not just Gujaratis, every Indian has an item from this category in mind while going back from India.

5. Chakla belan

Yes, this is another weird item found in Indian luggages. How can we live without chapatis? And pastry rollers won’t do the job right for us. We need desi chakla belan for sure which sometimes gives company to pressure cooker in the same bag.

We may go to any country but our taste buds make sure that our heart lies in India. We are very different from each other but we still share some common traits, beliefs and needs that unite us (and our luggage) as Indians.


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