5 reasons why Rahul Gandhi can be a perfect husband



That innocent smile with dimples is well suited to his puerile acts that we have been witnessing repeatedly. Rahul Gandhi is a perfect man for any woman looking for a husband. And here is why:

1. He admits his mistakes and also says sorry.

In the famous episode in the parliament where Rahul called Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) as ‘NAREGA’, he immediately admitted his mistake and openly said sorry. Further, he said ‘I’m not perfect and I make mistakes’.

Which woman doesn’t want a husband who says sorry without hesitation and has the guts to admit his shortcomings. In fact, a sorry machine like him will make a perfect husband for even the imperfect wives.

2. No arguments

Rahul gives up on conversations and even the students from colleges easily outsmart him in discussions. Thanks to the viral videos where we have seen Rahul putting his arms down when being asked a question, that we know how easy a woman’s life can become if she marries someone like him.

3. Follows instruction

Sandwiched between two strong ladies as his mother and sister, Rahul apparently is so good in following instructions that despite knowing within his heart that he is not meant for things, he has blindly followed what he has been told to.

Girl, that is going to solve half of your married life problems! After all, women always know better and can instruct well (at least in a marriage).

4. High financial score

Rahul is the heir to all the wealth Gandhi family has gathered and it definitely is a big plus for a woman who is seeking a luxurious life without having to think before spending.

At the end of the day, all you need is shopping, holidays and a financer.

5. Cuteness quotient

The cuteness on his face combined with the innocence he carries even at this age can melt any angry wife’s heart. And this should unquestionably count as one of the reasons that make him a perfect husband material.

Well, this compilation is just a glimpse of this great personality. If you are still not convinced, watch his videos and you will know. He is at least my favorite politician to watch, for the entertainment is constant and unmatched.


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