An open letter to the ‘Delhi aunty’


Dear Aunty,

I do not watch videos usually on social media, thanks to my busy life as a new mom. But I had to watch yours. Simply because I could not believe the heading and had to watch it to confirm you actually said that.

“Girls who wear short clothes invite themselves to be raped” I am so impressed that you have the courage to speak your mind, I have become your fan.

I am really concerned about you now. Your short hair makes you look so sexy, someone may rape you. I suggest you to grow your hair long and tie them in a bun like a ‘traditional Indian woman’. I realize you were alone in the mall the day your video was shot. As a well wisher, I am concerned it is not ‘safe’ for you as you are a woman and should not step out alone.

I could not help but notice that you were shopping for some smiley shaped cushion that makes me believe you are an active user of social media (Facebook, WhatsApp?). My dear aunty, in case you aren’t aware let me tell you to stay away from it. Someone may hack your account, post your morphed vulgar images online, it is sooooo…risky for a dignified woman like yourself to be there.

Did I forget to mention, your dress looked a bit western to me and I could not find a dupatta on your shoulder. You are our role model, please wear a traditional saree next time you are out in public.

By the way, your English needs some polishing but I am glad you could still express yourselves otherwise how on the earth would your brilliant thoughts have reached us. I assume you were sent to some school by your parents, they should not have done that probably. You could have been raped on the way. As I hear, ‘they’ do not see age when it comes to rape. So you could have been raped as a teenager, you can be raped now. Stay safe aunty!

Please visit us in Denmark here. Nudity is on the rise. Girls go to beach topless in summer and no one is raping them. We need you here to tell the boys what to do. After all, culture needs to be preserved and girls be kept under control.

Kudos to you for being a star on social media and I look forward to seeing you again (hopefully in person). I am hoping that my this letter full of love and respect for you reaches you. Till then, take care and stay away from rapists.


Your sincere follower

Disclaimer: This is a piece of sarcasm with no intentions to hurt any person or culture (except Delhi aunty).



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