Turning 30 vs. 20


When you turn 20, you have a lot more energy as compared to what you have 10 years later. The way you celebrate these two milestones in your life can be widely different from each other. Entering 20s is around the time when you recently start enjoying the freedom of a grown up and still exploring it while when entering 30s you have matured and are in a better shape to take responsibilities in upcoming years.

Here are few differences that crossed my mind about turning 30 vs. 20.

1. Mad parties vs. dinners (or less mad parties)

Birthday parties while turning 20 tend to be full of excitement, energy , madness, goof ups, sleep overs, sloshing down, fights, birthday bumps or any other thing you can imagine depending on how crazy friend circle you have. When entering 30s, you may still be single or with a partner but the chances of this party going out of hand are surely slimmer than when you turn 20.

2. Dreams are more real

We wish a lot of things in life, particularly on birthdays. At 30s, your wishes and dreams are more real and you have much more clarity in mind towards achieving them. As a 20 year old, you just want to achieve a lot of things. The carefree mind at early 20s doesn’t even sometimes puts an effort to think about how to achieve them. And that forms the base for transition from 20s to 30s when you get closer to reality coming out of your fantasy world.

3. You know the world better

However wisdom our parents try to feed into our mind during childhood, the real lessons are learnt in twenties when you realize, not everything and everyone in the world is as it looks like! People have shades, moods, choices, priorities, preferences , opinions and different intentions than what it appears. By the time you reach 30s, you have a better understanding of what is worth your time, efforts and loyalty.

4. The paradigm shift in friendships

Like any other thing in life, you have more real expectations from friendships and you tend to be a more mature and understanding friend. The universal rule of ‘give and take’ is better established in mind and you learn to value the selfless acts around you for their rareness.

5. Family comes first

The teenager rebel in you calms down by 30s and you realize the sacrifices your parents have made to raise you. Your career also takes you away from your family sometimes and you start to value the time you get to spend with them. The family which once looked like an enemy of your dreams to fly in your 20s, turns out to be the real support system of your life.



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