She was forced to lie in an interview..


During her job hunt, she appeared for several interviews. Somehow she figured out that her mentioning about being a single mother of a 4 year old is turning to be a deal breaker.

In the next interview, she decided to lie about having a boyfriend.

She was right, no one wanted to hire someone loaded with the responsibility of a kid all by herself. It worked in her favor to lie. What if her colleagues discover later that she actually has no boyfriend. Another lie, they broke up.

It may sound like a fun story to some but it is reality. It happened to a smart and talented acquaintance of mine who happens to be a native here.

It is high time that offering flexibility to an employee be looked upon as a disadvantage for employers. When you offer flexibility to employees, you earn loyalty in return.

Mothers in general are very strong individuals who themselves sometimes discover their hidden potential after becoming one. And in my view, a single mother is far more stronger who is fulfilling two demanding roles by herself and you are definitely making a bad choice if you reject her for being strong.

It is not uncommon to prefer an employee who is available to work for 12 hours a day over a single mother. But if that is the sole criteria of choosing one between otherwise equally skilled and talented employees, then in my opinion inefficiency is being chosen over balanced way of working. It is extremely important to have a good work life balance to avoid stress and stay efficient. Remember being able to do the same task in half an hour with a fresh mind against struggling with it for hours when you have been tired after a long day?

Assuming low contribution from an employee based on their position in personal life is like rejecting a watermelon for not being green outside. Make sure to check what is inside. Look for smartness, agility, dedication, perseverance, knowledge, determination over weakness and limitations. Because the truth is an employee working for long hours too has limitations – the mental limitations that arise due to poor work life balance.

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