This is for you…my special friend!


I met her at coaching classes during my Chartered Accountancy days in Mumbai. She was the most outspoken student in the class and it was impossible to be there and not notice her. During the breaks, she would go on calls sitting at the stairs of the class and I thought to myself this girl cannot be my friend as she is too proud (by face). I had my two other friends in the same class but contrary to what I expected, I ended up being closer to Ankita, probably also because we discovered we stay very close to each other. We started studying together in a library where she would poke fun at other students around us and I would enjoy being by her side. Her  husband who himself had been a scholar in Chartered Accountancy exams would teach both of us sometimes.


I was enjoying her chirpy company too much. We had our spots to have fun near her home that still make me nostalgic today like the soda parlor where we would try new flavors every day and the yummy ice cream that we would enjoy frequently. For sure, we were under the pressure of clearing one of the most toughest examinations in India, CA Final in few months, we still enjoyed each other’s company and had our moments of joy that we stole from our study sessions every day. Since I was a paying guest at that time sharing a small flat with 4 other girls, Ankita would invite me to study at her home where she was alone after her husband left for office.

One day I mentioned to her casually that ‘Moong Daal ka Halwa’ is my favorite dessert and next day when I rang the bell of her apartment I could smell the ghee from outside. She called her mother to get the recipe and made it for me. That was really touching for someone like me who was staying away from her family. Ankita is one of those people who prove their worth by actions instead of words.

And then finally the planning began when we neared our examination dates. I was worried about doing late night studies in my tiny apartment where no other girl except me was a student. So I could not expect a quite environment at all for myself and that’s when Ankita’s biggest favor came my way. She offered me to stay with her for those 2 weeks (which were too crucial for herself) and I acknowledge it always that without that help, I would not have been able to clear my exam.

Once we cleared our exams and became Chartered Accountants, I started a new job and moved little far from Ankita’s place. We got busy in our lives but made sure to meet once in a while and are still in touch today. I call her my lucky charm and whenever I needed her, I always found her by my side. I moved from Mumbai to Denmark but ensured to meet her every year during my visit to Mumbai. There are numerous incidents that only reconfirmed that she is special to me for being a true friend always.

I connect to her in many ways and admire her boldness and openness when it comes to speaking up. Last year I learnt from her that she is thinking of starting her own blog and now I feel so proud that Ankita is the successful founder of Her new venture gave me the confidence to pursue my passion towards writing and open a blog that I have been planning since forever.

This is for you Ankita, cheers to our friendship!


  1. Love you darling….. Feeling on cloud 9… Tears is not something what rolls down my eyes easily…But for a change it did😂😂 So beautifully expressed… a little hyped, miss those days… hope to see you soon


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