5 things you want to do at the soonest after your pregnancy..


Pregnancy is a beautiful period in any woman’s life when the excitement of creating another little human cannot be described in words. You prepare yourself to go through oodles of changes mentally and physically. While 9 months appear to be a really long period to wait for the little one to arrive, each minute of it is important to be spent in the right way considering how your actions can impact the health and well being of the baby in making.

And by the time you reach the end of it, you just can’t wait anymore to see how your creation looks like and of course the heavenly feeling of holding it in your arms. And apart from it, there is a long list of things in back of your mind, you would like to do once you get over with your pregnancy.

Here is a list of 5 things every woman who has been pregnant can relate to and have a good laugh about.

1. Fitting in your old clothes

Who doesn’t want to fit in their old clothes and reach their pre-pregnancy figure (or even slimmer) as soon as they can. All your fitted denims and beautiful dresses that you hope to wear soon await your trials post delivery. Pregnancy follows a number of months when you are disappointed at first to see that you need more time to shrink back while for some lucky moms, these trials are a relief when one day their beloved dress finally fits them.


2. Sleeping on your tummy

Sleeping on your pregnancy belly is a big No-No to ensure that you don’t press the little one inside. Remember fighting the urge to do it during your pregnancy discomfort. And once you are not pregnant anymore, it just feels soooo good to sleep however you want ( that’s a different story that there is someone to wake you up every now and then).


3. Feeling energetic again

Who can forget the lack of energy one struggled with during pregnancy combined with uneasiness and vomiting. All the nutrition and energy your body gets during this period is directed towards the baby naturally and your body is just working overtime taking care of two lives in one. You just can’t wait to feel like yourself again and join the gang for your usual shopping sprees and evenings out (sometimes with a pram though).


4. Travel

All your travel plans take a back seat when your pregnant belly grows enough to cause you discomfort while traveling. And all you do is wait to travel again and give yourself a much needed change.


5. Eating what you liked

It is no new fact that pregnancy makes your taste buds take a toss and you start eating things you generally never liked and also disliking what you relished earlier. Not to forget here, other dos and don’t s related to food you eat also gradually fade away once you have delivered the baby. And one day you finally start enjoying all your previous delicacies. After all, food is life!




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