Don’t cry like a girl!


Recalling one of the episodes from Desperate Housewives, where Lynette Scavo gets offended when her father in law tells her little son not to cry like a girl, I realize this mindset is not limited to one country or one culture. It is a global belief.

Haven’t all of us heard this at least once in our lives. This is how boys are made to act strong. And girls are portrayed as epitome of shedding tears. In my view, this is a completely male chauvinist behavior and it is high time that we point it out to people around us.

Isn’t it okay to let your emotions out, cry and feel lighter. At least the little boys be left out of the fear of being judged for a very natural process of rolling out tears. The apparatus inside a man and a woman’s body is same when it comes to tear glands and crying is triggered out of strong emotions. When you shame a boy for crying, you are literally suppressing his emotions.

Of course, I am not promoting here that one should cry all the time but what is wrong is judging anyone for doing it. And worse is linking it to one’s masculinity. According to a study, the number of men dying every year out of a heart attack is remarkably higher than that of women dying of the same reason. Reason is evident – former category is taught to hold their emotions tight inside and live with a pile of emotions throughout their lives because ‘they are not supposed to shed tears’.

It is another proven fact that women are far stronger emotionally and this again links to the fact that they are good at expressing and venting out. Though it is no news that women are made fun of, for shedding tears.

If you are not comfortable crying openly in front of your loved ones, do it discreetly. But make sure you let it all out. Because this is important for you. For all the stress, all the emotions and all the sadness you have been carrying around.

And to those who feel crying is acting like a ‘girl’, my answer is don’t be fool like a boy, who doesn’t realize the how much harm he is causing to himself in the name of masculinity. I appeal to you – please teach your little boys and girls, it is equally natural for a boy to cry. What makes them a good boy, or a gentleman is their etiquettes, the way they respect both genders equally, their strength to admit their emotions, the power of expressing themselves, the ability of take care of their loved ones, their intelligence and their maturity.

If you still chose to stick to this old theory, sorry to break the bad news to you – you are contributing negatively to the society, harming your child’s future as an individual, being a horrible parent by making them act as per a ridiculous belief and jeopardizing their and your health. Choice is yours!

Wish you all a very happy Women’s day!


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