5 things Danes found surprising about Indian marriages…


When you are hailing from one part of the world and move to another, you come across tons of cultural differences every now and then. What is more amazing to see is what is absolutely normal for a community is a complete shocker for another. And the expressions I witnessed, while sharing some of these with my international colleagues and friends here in Denmark, were so remarkable.

Indian weddings are anyway known to be colorful and full of fun, but when I shared some inside facts, the conversations got more interesting. Here are 5 things,that I remember, got most hilarious responses:

1. Our marriages are ‘arranged’

So we still have the culture of ‘arranged marriages’ in India which is of course very normal for us but I could see it really took some time for Danes to register that our parents hunt for a partner for us and ‘fix’ the wedding. And the Danes be like whaaaat!!!

2. The ‘joint’ family system

Yes, we do have families where a newly wedded starts her new life with a husband, a father in law, a mother in law, one or more brother in law, one or more sister in law, their children and yes it is normal to live with a ‘joint family. And the reaction to this was, well you can imagine!

3. The famous ‘dowry’ system

If we ask an Indian to answer this honestly, isn’t it true that dowry is still very common in Indian marriages despite several laws against it. I could explain what dowry means to the Danes but could not answer why it is prevalent.

4. The long ‘veil’

Depending on the culture of the families involved, the veil will be a part of a woman’s dressing but it is again true that a lot of cultures require a woman to keep her head (and sometimes the face too) covered all day!

5. The number of guests

Everyone knows how grand our weddings are, but when you share the ‘normal’ number of guests in an Indian wedding with Danes, be ready for the big exclamation mark on their face.

Well, this was a totally fun intended compilation with no intention to demean any aspect of Indian, Danish or any culture. Everyone knows how far Indians have progressed but things like this still distinguish us from rest of the world. While I’m strictly against the dowry system or anything that enforces rules on an individual violating their basic human rights, the vibrance and liveliness of Indian weddings is what I miss every single day here in Denmark.

Hope you enjoyed reading, your feedback is welcome in the comment section.


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