And the days are over…


Yes, the days are over when a mom and her baby were waking up with all the laziness around, taking their own sweet time. When they both were falling in love with each other everyday more and more, waiting for Dad to join the fun in the evening. When it was all about just two of them from dusk till dawn.

The maternity leave is over…

By the time you reach the end of your maternity leave, you are so used to having a little creature hovering around you , crawling towards you, blabbering da-da-da and doing all kinds of mischief to grab your attention. The sweet days filled with cuddles and chuckles dedicated to taking care of your own little creation come to an end when you start work and things change. Of course for better. But this doesn’t mean you will not miss the good old days.

Gobs of concerns fill your mind and waves of emotions pass your head every now and then. You may have to leave your baby at home with a family member or a nanny or have to drop him off to a daycare. In any case, however you plan the transition , nothing can ease off your doubts fully. After all, you are going to leave behind your most precious belonging for hours!

Here is a poem I have penned down in such state of mind, though words will never suffice to express totally what runs in a mother’s mind:

As we both slowly crawl towards the day,

When I’ll leave you with someone and walk away..

My heart says – mommy, how will you go?

How much your baby will cry, do you know?

Our cooing conversations will run in my head,

I will keep thinking how will you be fed..

If you will get these warm hugs after every nap,

If you will be as happy as when we play and clap..

I realize the bitter truth, I can’t keep you close forever,

As you need to meet this world and grow clever..

Few hours without you, will feel so long,

I keep telling myself, I need to be strong..

Holding you in my arms every hour of the day,

So many months have passed, we have come long way..

You changed my life, my body, my mind,

I wish there was button here for me to press rewind..

I wish to relive each moment with you,

Our initial days and how you grew..

You will grow bigger and make new friends,

Remember that mommy will love you till her life ends..

I am your first friend, first love and first maid,

You have made me feel special in ways unsaid <3


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