5 things to enhance your maternity leave experience in Copenhagen


Like any other mother, I was really excited about my upcoming maternity leave last year. And then the reality struck me. And I ended up being just another busy mom with no time to even comb my hair. The days were just passing by and I was still getting used to my new life with my tiny love.

And gradually I started going out, meeting people and attending various sessions going in the town for moms like me and now when my leave is about to end, I feel so content and happy that I could do everything I did with my baby.

As an expat, it was a bit more challenging to find out information about several things and thus I have decided to compile and share what I know and can recommend other ‘mom-to-be’s in Copenhagen.

1. Momma baby dancing

The one I went to, was conducted by super energetic Signe who would not even let you realize that you are dancing and shedding some calories off your post delivery body. She is extremely supportive and understands how momma-baby equation works.

I highly recommend attending one of her introductory sessions even if you are not sure about dancing with your baby yet. I’m sure you will love the enthusiasm and energy you will be surrounded by here. These sessions are run in Valby and Amager. For more details, you may visit here:


PS: these are perfect for English speaking moms like me.


2. Swimming with baby

The swimming sessions run by Familieskolen are quite popular among Copenhagen moms and dads who are looking to make most of their parental leaves with their babies. These can be joined once the baby is 5 months old.

The course I attended had 8 weekly sessions of half an hour in the pool with super cool Marianne. You will find yourself doing splashing , jumping, waving, spinning, swinging, dancing, singing, diving and doing every thing in the water that brings a smile to your baby’s face and making him love water and of course you!

These sessions are aimed at stimulating growth in your baby and enhancing his motoring skills.

For more information, you may visit here:


3. CrossFit programs for moms

For those moms who would like to do some fitness activities with their babies regularly, the sessions run by CrossFit in Copenhagen are highly recommended by some of my mommy friends who have attended.

As claimed on their website , they use natural fitness techniques against modern machine based fitness regimes in regular gyms. They have centers in various parts of Copenhagen and more details can be found here:


4. Fitness.dk programs for moms

One of most popular gyms in Copenhagen, Fitness.dk also runs fitness programs in its various centers that new mommas can attend with their babies. While mommies run on treadmill, babies can play around in the gym’s open space next to their mommas.

For more information, you may visit their website:


5. Baby tumbling and baby signs

These are very interesting sessions run by Familieskolen at Prismen which can be attended by moms or dads of babies 5-7 months old.

These workshops are aimed at enhancing baby’s senses, motoring skills and balance. With baby music in background, you get to play a lot of games with your baby giving you an understanding of which development stage your baby is at and also helping you understand your baby’s sign language and communicating with them.

You can find this course here:


So this is all I have to share here. And apart from above, you will also find yourself joining a mother’s group which usually is set up with the help of home nurse who brings moms in same area together in various groups and then you just continue meeting as a group and share motherhood journey with each other.

Good luck with motherhood and I would love to hear your experiences.



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