5 ways to lift your toddler’s mood


If you are a first time mother, I’m sure you have already been loaded with oodles of advice about what to do and what not to do with your baby. But relax, this article is not about how to be a good mother. Instead, this is about how you can help your baby to be a happy kid!

Here I’m sharing with you 5 things that helped me keep my baby happy and active. As they say, every baby is different. But I can guarantee that if not all, most of these will work for your baby. So here we go:

  1. Catching the water

It is quite fun to catch something not existing, right?

While bathing them, pour a string of water from the mug like a waterfall and your baby would love trying to catch it. Make sure you use some toys and sing and smile. Do not forget to ensure that temperature of water is right else it can spoil all the fun.

2. Chew and sooth

After 4 months of age, the babies are expected to grow teeth. Even if they don’t have teeth, their gums are hard enough wanting them to chew something cold and soothing.

Ever experienced them wanting your attention while you have to cook the dinner? Here goes my tip – sit them on a high chair near to you in the kitchen and hand them over thin and long slices of tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum , carrot or whatever is handy to you and appropriate for your baby. If it is coming straight out of fridge (ofcourse wash them) , they will find it very soothing for their obviously soar gums. Keep a close eye on them for choking while they enjoy and you cook. It will also help them develop taste for different foods.

3. Chocolate cravings

I am sure you have also fallen in a situation when you are enjoying chocolates or sweets while your baby looks at you with the hope that you will share it with them but poor you and poor him for they can’t have sugar.

Here is a super food for you both. Always keep soft dates in your kitchen. They are sweet, soft and nutritious. This food full of fiber, antioxidants and several vitamins will definitely help you ease your guilt while lifting your baby’s mood and energy levels!

4. Dance baby dance

In Copenhagen, I have attended classes for momma baby dancing where mommies dance with their babies in sling. It is imperative to ensure that your sling meets all the safety standards and you tie it correctly.

Even if you don’t use a sling or not attend a class, make sure to sing and dance with your baby daily for few minutes. It will make them happy and cheerful while you just dance all the negativity out!

5. Light, sound and action

Like many other parents, we also ended up filling our home with gobs of soft toys while waiting for the baby’s arrival. For sure they were his first toys but soft toys are not entertaining for long. So I highly recommend that instead of investing too much in these, make sure to buy some toys with light, sound and some action. They are super helpful in keeping your baby busy while also boosting their intelligence and understanding of things.

So I hope these little things enrich your motherhood experience and while these are very simple and small things, we need someone sometimes just to remind us of them.

Please leave your comments if you have anything to add here for me and others to learn. After all, motherhood is all about sharing and caring!

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