IshkiMishki is the name of an idea, a platform that is used by a new mom, a finance professional, an Indian expat in Denmark and a writer by passion.

This is where I am not only writing a diary of my life but also some articles with an intention to bring positivity in your lives. Under the pressure of showcasing best lives on social media, I think we all need reminders that perfection is an illusion.

We all have some areas to ‘fix’ in our lives and I will never claim to be living a perfect life though the fact is my life is definitely better than I ever imagined it to be.

Great ideas are born when bright and open minds share thoughts and opinions. In a journey to find something meaningful, make a positive impact on someone’s life, join the voice of feminists and help fellow expats in easing up their life in this foreign land, I write articles in 4 broad categories:

  1. Life at large
  2. Feminism
  3. Life in Denmark
  4. Motherhood

Talking about Motherhood, I believe this is the most judged role one can play. Surprisingly most of the judgement hails from fellow mothers, who themselves have been through the struggle of striving for best in this role. Someone once said to me, “motherhood is 70% guilt and 30% love” and I can’t agree more.

One way or the other, mothers tend to fall in the pit of guilt. Either the guilt of not doing enough for their kid or the guilt of forgetting themselves in the process.

And thus I decided to share my journey on this, what have I done in this direction, how have I coped up with my emotions, my experience of pregnancy, maternity leave period and ‘transition’ later on – his to daycare and mine into the role of a working mother once my leave got over.

Reading the famous novel “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, I stumbled upon this instance where Bridget is having discussion with her girls in a restaurant on feminism and suddenly one of them shushed others pointing out  – “there is nothing so unattractive to a man as strident feminism”.

What is being called unattractive here is actually what I would call  intimidating. A strong woman is too much to handle for men as they have been conditioned for ages to have an obedient wife with no opinion of her own. Thankfully the times have changed and so have men.

But unfortunately, there is still tremendous scope for equality to seep in all parts of the society. You will hear of gender discrimination in corporate world, in developed countries and in affluent families. If things are not fair there, one can only imagine what is going in uneducated sectors of third world countries.

This is exactly my trigger to write about Feminism every time I have a thought to share. Every time I feel I have something to say, to point out, to bring attention to or to join a fellow feminist’s voice.

Apart from above, I come across several note worthy incidences in my life and those around me, that I feel like sharing across. Anything that could be relatable to you, that we all have experienced at some point in life, that happens around all of us but we sometimes forget to admit it. That forms the category Life at large on this blog.

And lastly, recalling the time when I came to Denmark and felt lost despite the friendliness of Danes, I try to share the things that made my life easier and could do so to a fellow expat too. With the intention of helping those who are planning to move here or have already done so, I share my experiences as a foreigner here in the category Life in Denmark.

With the hope that you will join me in this journey by subscribing to my blog, following me on Facebook and Instagram, I have established this platform. Please pour in your love and support and share your feedback which I am always open to.