IshkiMishki is the name of an idea, a platform that is used by a new mom, a finance professional, an Indian expat in Denmark and a writer by passion.

This site is intended to let the thoughts on feminism, motherhood, daily life experiences, expat life, constructive sarcasm and positivism join forces. I believe in the power of visualization and expression, I like to talk, share opinion, build conversations, initiate meet ups and bring awareness. Follow IshkiMishki if you want to read some thought provoking articles occasionally blended with sarcastic humor. You may also come across some light reads just pointing out note worthy instances from our daily lives. I love feedback and thus would love to hear from my growing community of readers.

Life is too short to ‘not’ do the things you want. Spend some time with yourselves every week, be grateful for your achievements, praise and protect the mother nature, trust the almighty, shop for things you love, care for those who love you and last but not least, follow IshkiMishki;).

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